"All the way through his schooling at Stoke Gabriel Primary my son has been nurtured, supported, encouraged and celebrated for his efforts. The consistency of this amazingly high level of teaching hasn't changed or dropped despite the staff changes that are inevitable in the schooling system today. As a parent I couldn't be more grateful to the School and the Academy for the amazing Primary School experience we have been fortunate enough to have had."

Our Staff

Alice Eeles

Academy Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Sarah Gaskin

EYFS Leader and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Lija Lewsey

Year 5/6 Class Teacher and SENDCo

Anna Ansermoz

Year 3/4 Class Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Rebecca Peace

KS1 Class Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Kim Middlebrook

Teaching Assistant

Rebecca Smith-Wiederkehr

Teaching Assistant

Sarah Rutherford

Teaching Assistant

Ellen Gill

Teaching Assistant

Rachel Bond

Pre-school Leader

Hazel Rhodes

Pre-school Assistant

Marian Woolridge


Genna Greco


Matt Tanner

Trust PE Lead and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Dominic Rowe

Year 5/6 Class Teacher

Hepzibah McLeod

Year 3/4 Class Teacher (Maternity Cover)

Ellis Ward

KS1 Class Teacher (Maternity Cover)

Lee Smith

Teaching Assistant

Daisy Wood

Teaching Assistant

Kayleigh Morris

Teaching Assistant

Sandie Bridge

Mealtime Assistant

Hayley Butler

Pre-school Assistant

Joanna Powell

Kitchen Manager

Lynn Palmer

Catering Assistant

Linda Myers