"All the way through his schooling at Stoke Gabriel Primary my son has been nurtured, supported, encouraged and celebrated for his efforts. The consistency of this amazingly high level of teaching hasn't changed or dropped despite the staff changes that are inevitable in the schooling system today. As a parent I couldn't be more grateful to the School and the Academy for the amazing Primary School experience we have been fortunate enough to have had."


Welcome to Ladybirds!
Hello and welcome to the Ladybirds class page!

The children in Ladybirds are encouraged to learn through play and exploration, through being active, creative and thinking critically. The staff aim for the children to be inspired by their experiences; motivated by stimulating environments and equipment; fully engaged in their learning and, ultimately, to be empowered to continue to explore and learn themselves, independently. This is managed through carefully planned lessons and activities and opportunities for adult-led and adult- directed sessions as well as amble opportunity for child-initiated learning.
The adults that work with us are; 

Miss Gaskin – Class Teacher

Mrs Smith - Teaching Assistant (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mrs Morris – Teaching Assistant (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)
Our PE lessons are every Friday with Mr Tanner. Please come to school wearing your PE kit.

People who help us - Postal Workers!
We learnt all about postal workers and how they help us by sorting and delivering our letters. We visited the post office to buy stamps, wrote letters and then posted them in the post box. It was a very special delivery!
Medium Term Plans
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