"All the way through his schooling at Stoke Gabriel Primary my son has been nurtured, supported, encouraged and celebrated for his efforts. The consistency of this amazingly high level of teaching hasn't changed or dropped despite the staff changes that are inevitable in the schooling system today. As a parent I couldn't be more grateful to the School and the Academy for the amazing Primary School experience we have been fortunate enough to have had."

School Council

We have a new school council for 2022 and the past council are in role supporting the team in this time.
Our council was selected by a class vote following pupil applications.
We voted for a Chair and Minute Taker in our first meeting on 12/10/22.
Chair- Darcie
Minute Taker- Audrey
The minutes from our first meeting are below.

A Plea!


Dear dog owners and village residents,

We have a big problem and we need your help. There has been a lot of dog mess outside our beautiful school and on our field. As a proactive school council we have decided to take action and are making poo bag dispensers to hang outside our school grounds. Ms Eeles has bought some biodegradable poo bags to put in them. We would welcome any top-ups if you see them looking empty. Please help us and pick up after your dogs. Thank you!


Stoke Gabriel Primary School Pupil Council.