School Journalists

School Journalists
Some of our talented children have begun to write in the village magazine.
Here are our monthly news reports. Head to Ros's shop for your copy of the magazine!
November 2020
This month Lucy has written about our sporting success!

Hello, my name is Lucy and I am 10 years old. I will be writing an article every month to contribute to the Stoke Gabriel news. This month we will be kicking off with news from the Stoke Gabriel Frisbee Tournament.

At the end of October, the children headed onto the field and took part in a virtual competition to see which school in the Academy would win. We had 3 minutes to try and score as many points as possible by throwing the frisbee at either the 5 point, 10, point or 15 point cone. It was a very close draw indeed, but we managed to win with a whopping 525 points, just 30 points ahead of Landscove Primary School!

To prevent you from feeling left out if you are self-isolating or shielding or just want something to do why not have your own go at frisbee. First, you need a frisbee, they need to be sturdy but light. Then you need some markers to put on the ground to mark the distance of each throw. When you throw the frisbee you need to make sure that it stays flat otherwise it will wobble out of control.  There are two main types of catch: Sandwich catch - where you place one hand on the top of the frisbee and one hand underneath and Crab catch - where you use one hand, placing your fingers on top and your thumb underneath. A good place to use your frisbee is in a park or somewhere flat with lots of space but, if  you can’t go out or don’t have a park nearby you can always use a garden, just make sure you don’t throw it too high!

I hope you have enjoyed this insight into what goes on at Stoke Gabriel Primary School and I hope this has inspired you to pick up a frisbee and have a go yourself.

See you next month,